Year In Review and Resolutions

I’ve been doing these for a number of years. Since The Arbolog got started, I’ve been writing them consistently. Here’s my half hearted 2008 post, Ross’ 2008, and my 2009 and 2010.

Snowshoeing in March


So here we are at the end of 2011. My resolutions for 2011 were simple.

  • Cultivate and harvest balance in everything.
  • Include more fitness in my life.
  • Talk less, listen more.
  • Get some freakin’ chickens.

I’d say I did them all well except fitness. I actually quit my soccer team part way through this year, because I just wasn’t jiving with them and was tired of showing up to practice only to have no one else show up except maybe 2 or 3 of us. It got frustrating.

My posting on the blog significantly slowed down, and at first I was quite unhappy with that but as time has gone on I find myself a-okay with not focusing so much. It’s important to me that I try and write about things that excite me, and I’d rather not post than do it because I’m obligated. As a result, that’s one of my resolutions:

No blog memes that insist I post daily.

We spent an awful lot of time being equal parts excited and frustrated with house renovations this past year. Houses are giant holes you pour money into and on the one hand I am kind of okay with that… improving the space you live in seems to make good sense. But holy crap! Everything we have planned and priced and done has been more than my expectation in terms of dollars. But there is value, right? Value in improving the place you call home. Another one of my resolutions is as a result of house renovations, and symbolizes taking the time to do things carefully and as best we can:

Measure twice, cut once. 

And I’ve got one more. I say it every year, but this year I feel like I want to make it happen. It’s time for fitness to come back in my life, for real. I bought a used Wii off a friend, and it came with Wii Fit Plus and the balance board and all that, and so I’m going to give that a try. If that doesn’t work, I need to bite the bullet and get a trainer or do a bootcamp or something to get jumpstarted back into it. So, with that in mind, my third resolution is:

Get off my arse. 

My Year in Review

I didn’t have too much to say in January 2011. I was busy with potential work, but I did take time to talk about why I decided to banish Facebook from my phone. You should know I reinstalled it – mostly because of work for the market and work for my company – but I still have absolutely zero notifications for anything. I use social media on my time and on my schedule.

February it snowed, and Kale LOVED the snow. I experimented with not using shampoo and I was interviewed by Vancouver about my experience. We had a houseguest.

In March I shared our experiences with living in a cash based world. This post is actually one of the ones that gets the most hits on the site. Ross and I had birthdays, and Kale also shared his love of jam.

April saw Ross enjoy civet coffee. I shopped online for a stove, although that thing continues to tick along. The big news in April, however, was the Suckyvention. Kale gave up his soother with hardly a fight.

I only managed to post three times in May, mainly because we were really enjoying have a yard and doing stuff in the yard when the weather let us. I felt a little sorry for myself, probably because of the terrible weather we were having, but also managed to have fun making a little video in which Kale perfected his stand up routine.

June was the start of the farmers market season, and we got ourselves some chickens. Noodle and Giblet are good productive layers now (they were so puny back then!). I wrote a list of ten things I hope Kale remembers. Ross participated in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer (and I got lost on the I-5), and I wrote a post about our awesome hand mixer. The Canucks lost in Game 7 and the City of Vancouver rioted.

July is a fun month for us as it’s Kale’s birthday. It was also our one year houseiversary and our 4th wedding anniversary as well.

In August, we started menu planning, and that’s still going strong. I also shared some tips about how to achieve Inbox Zero. The best part of August was probably going camping for the first time with Kale. I shared with you what my daily routine is like and I looked back on all the weddings Kale has gone to.

September was the month Kale started preschool! He needed new shoes and a ridiculous letter from us for his emergency kit. The chickens FINALLY started laying! And I made granola for the first time and finished a huge project of refinishing a dresser for Kale’s room.

In October we started the basement improvements. I discovered the pea-brained chickens are good for something beside laying eggs. Kale finally dropped his naps.  I admitted I wear (and love) jeggings. And of course, the month was topped off with Halloween! Kale was a owl this year.

November  I started a new blog series called ‘Treasures” (got another post coming this next week or so) and the first was about a recipe book. We were photographed and interviewed for an article in the Globe and Mail about our choice to only use one car plus car share, and also in that post I told you all of our sewer line woes. Kale was sick, and I updated you about how our meal planning has been going.

December saw me sewing a bit, and I made Christmas jammies for Kale with fabric he picked out using my favourite pattern. Ross and I made the huge and final decision to not have any more kids and he went to get a vasectomy, only to be told he’s not a good candidate.  To finish off 2011, I posted about toilets! And shared some recipes for using up turkey.

* * *

I’m grateful to the blog readers I have for continuing to read and comment on what I have to say. I truly hope your year was all that you wanted, and that 2012 is the year you believe you really can have it all. This year I’m going to focus on keeping things simple.

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  1. I hope 2012 is just as eventful except without the sewage woes! 😉 Even though you have slowed down on blogging (so have I) I am so glad you are still here Jen!

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