Climbing Back in the Saddle

If you read my year in review and resolutions post, you’d see that I made the resolution to put some fitness into my life, and get off my arse.

I bought a used Wii from a friend this past Christmas season, and it came with the balance board and Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports. I bought it for three reasons: I thought it could be some fun activities with the family, I wanted to try out Netflix, and I wanted to use the Fit Plus portion of it to get exercising again. It helped that it was a fair price and that I was buying from someone I know.

I wanna be this old bird. Photo by Charlie Hallin (flickr: inabeanpod)

I don’t seem to do well in a fitness class setting. I don’t like the hassle of going to the gym (and I think they are, for the most part, overpriced), I don’t like the monotony of them, and I also don’t have a normal schedule. I lose interest in pretty much any structured fitness fairly quickly. I think I could like a personal trainer or commit to a boot camp, but again, I think they’re expensive and I don’t think they are long term. Activity and fitness shouldn’t come with a price, in my opinion, but it seems I’ve found reasons to become sedentary and my weight and general “squishiness” has gone up. I need to find the interest again, on my own.

We’re going to Maui in February and I admit the thought of lying about on beaches is a bit of a motivator for me to get going on this, but I also think it’s simply time for me to get back on the horse. I’ve never been terribly thin or light, but I’ve generally always maintained a level of endurance and strength I found acceptable until now.

So this past two mornings, I have dropped Kale at preschool and come home, and rather than go straight to the computer to work or surf, I’ve turned on the Wii and done a routine or two and spent at least thirty minutes being active. I’ve had a snowball fight, boxed, done stretching, ridden a “bike”,  and skateboarded. I’ve really enjoyed it because it feels more like a game and less like a workout. I’m hesitant to rely solely on the Wii for activity, so yesterday I also went for a real run – day one of the Couch to 5K app – but had to cut it short because I was scheduled to babysit for a friend.

I’m also going to try and focus on improving my diet. Smaller portions, less snacks, and for January at least, cutting out the booze.

According to Wii I have lost 1.8 kgs already. That’s 3.9 pounds, apparently. I have a feeling it’s because I took my shoes off on day two, but maybe just maybe it has something to do with no alcohol in 4 days?

How are you tackling your resolutions?

10 years ago


  1. Congrats on finding something to get your moving! I am glad you got out for a run too! I agree about the cost of fitness, but having to spend the money makes me accountable to go. It was what started it for me. Good luck. Can’t wait to see your 5 km times… (wink wink)

  2. OoH! Get Mario Kart, too much fun can be had! And i highly recommend any Tiger Woods Golf (preferably 10, then we could play online against each other).

    Im a geek….

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