Redeeming Cuteness

I created a slideshow of pictures of Kale from 2011. They’re in order, and it’s about 2 minutes long. He’s been a bit of a pill lately, so I wanted to remember some of the more fun moments from the year just passed. Most of the photos are from my iPhone, and there are some absences – I couldn’t find the pictures from when we visited Kale’s Nana and Grandpa, and I couldn’t find the pictures from when we went camping with Auntie Andrea and Uncle Erik and Kale’s cousin. But hey! Enjoy!

10 years ago

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  1. He is definitely that. (Cuteness that is). That was very enjoyable, but then again I am prejudiced right! You can certainly see how he has grown over the last year. Enjoy the pictures now cause life changes as he gets older. tee hee and you may have to keep watching this in those times. You can ask any mom that! Each stage of his life will bring new challenges, some good and some bad but he will always be the love of your life just as my kids are the love of my life. Have fun!!!!!

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