It snowed this weekend, which for those of you in pretty much all the rest of Canada isn’t really worthy of a blog post. But here on the southern coast of BC, snow is rare and becomes the only topic of conversation when it happens.

Our weather today is unseasonably sunny and cold, but according to the forecast, we will return to the normal west coast winter weather of grey and cold and wet. Yay.

Our animals are loving it. Well, Mooki does. I don’t know what magical properties snow has for the old girl, but I took her out for her walk this morning and she was leaping, bounding, snarfing, and stuffing her snoot into the snow like a pup. Of course, she is now passed out.

Mooki relaxing after partying in the snow

The chickens, on the other hand, are not totally sure. I went out to feed them this morning and discovered they were both stuffed face first into their nest box, which isn’t where they sleep.

Put your chicks in a box!
We are in our nest box together even though we do not fit. Because we are kind of dumb.
Remind me to tell Ross to take down the Christmas lights.

But it is a beautiful day.  Tomorrow the snow will be brown and melted and make everything slick. Today, though, it is fluffy puffy and pretty.

PS: It’s your job to shovel your walk. Your pedestrian neighbours will thank you. In New Westminster, the bylaw says the snow must be removed by 10AM. So get out there. If your neighbour can’t do it, do it for them and then reward yourself with chocolate.

10 years ago