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As so many of my blog posts are prompted these days, I was chatting with a few people on Twitter the other day about our (ridiculously) robust tea stashes. Amber decided to up the ante and requested we Show her our Stash! She shared hers this morning, and I’ve seen a few others that are definitely impressive.

Without further ado, here is my stash!

The whole kit and caboodle

The tower of boxes on the left is Celestial Seasonings Perfectly Pear (a favourite but discontinued I think), Celestial Seasonings Echinacea Wellness tea which tastes awful, and a box of Cozy Chamomile which is my least favourite tea. In front of the tower is a container full of my own chai recipe.

The tower of cans is all Tetley: Jasmine Green Tea, Tranquil (fennel and passionflower – yum!), Warmth (cinnamon and orange), and decaf green tea. I am not a huge green tea fan, but Ross is. Next to that is two packages from Great Wall Tea – Organic Lemon Lavendar Rooibos and one called Provence. What is missing is a third Great Wall bag as I am OUT of my usual tea called Arbo Grey because they were out of lavender – it is a Cream Earl Grey with Lavender. Below the Great Wall Tea packages, there are two glass jars – one is some sort of popcorn tea thing that Ross won’t let me throw away that he brought home from South America, and the other is loose leaf Earl Grey. In front of them is a cardboard tube with green tea that “blooms” when it is rehydrated – they look like blossoms. And the boxes on the right is a box of decaf Red Rose from when I decided I was having too much caffeine in my life (what was I thinking?) and a impulse bought Celestial Seasonings “Gingerbread House” from Christmas.

So much tea!

Now, let’s get into the large container of loose bags. A lot of these are from gift baskets, stocking filler, and tea passed on from people that think I’ll like it. In here are:

  • 16 bags of peppermint tea
  • 13 bags of lemon ginger tea
  • 5 bags of licorice spice tea
  • 2 bags of lemon blossom tea
  • 2 bags of raspberry tea
  • 2 bags of lemon spice tea
  • 4 bags of organic chamomile tea
  • 1 bag of Earl Grey tea
  • 18 bags of organic free trade Indian chai
  • 2 bags holiday chai (don’t ask me)
  • 6 bags of chai green tea
  • 3 bags double spice chai
  • 4 bags “premium” green tea
  • 4 bags organic green tea
  • 3 bags fusion white and green tea
  • 2 bags white tea
  • 4 bags of “assorted tea samples”
  • 3 bags of “mystery tea”
  • sadly, only 1 bag of my most coveted favourite tea – La Tisaniere Pear Vanilla

I think I have too much tea! I also broke the basket on my loose leaf tea  pot not too long ago, so I am thinking I need a new loose leaf brewer and I’d love your suggestion.

Share your stash!


10 years ago


  1. Everything in my stash is dwarfed by the 1lb bag of loose Murchie’s No. 22 that I got for Christmas. I like most of their green/black blends actually & their Assam’s too. http://www.murchies.com/store/tea.html For loose tea, I use the sock. Murchie’s sells it but it’s not on their site for some reason. It’s the same as this: http://www.tea-time.com/prodView.asp?idProduct=346&idCat=103

    For my regular tea, I drink Suraj tea from India. Superstore carries it in the ethnic aisle. Excellent cup of tea (way superior to Tetleys or that godawful Red Rose dust) at a very inexpensive price.

    And for evening, nothing beats the original CS Sleepytime Tea. I get all cozy and mellow just looking at the box. 🙂

  2. Holeeee crap that is a lot of tea. Wow.

    Wow! Impressive!

    I just bought a box of stash ‘meyer lemon’ and it tastes like Pledge. Or how I imagine Pledge would taste, as it’s poisonous.

  3. Nice stash!! I might have a bit of stash envy as mine is starting to become depleted – that is, depleted of the cheaper teas that I don’t feel guilty about using.

    What’s left of my stash includes Murchies (No. 22, No. 10, CBC, Earl Grey, and Lapsang Suochong), Silk Road (Gunpowder), Mighty Leaf (Camomile Citrus and Earl Grey), and Tea Forte (Earl Grey and a sampler pack).

    I usually have a box of Lipton Yellow Label as an everyday tea. Daniel’s grandma swears that it’s the best grocery store tea, so we use it as a tribute to her.

    PS. For loose tea, I use a standard mesh tea ball. Boring!!!! Whatever. It works.

    1. I do! It’s actually a recipe I acquired from my husband when we got together. Cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and fennel, as well as a specific type of tea. 4 parts tea to 1 part each of the others.

  4. Thanks so much for playing along!

    I got my tea pot, with a loose leaf basket, from IKEA. Fancy? No. Cheap and serviceable? Yes. I’m sure there are better options, but I do love me some IKEA.

  5. Does tea go stale? Cause I’m thinking there’s just no way you could drink all that before it would. And I know I have some OLD tea in my cupboard that I’ve just been too lazy to throw out. Should I keep and drink it?

    1. It can, but it’s an exposure to air thing. That’s primarily why I have individually packaged teas. The ones that are loose bags might be gone, but they are also ones I’m not as keen on. 🙂

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