Getting Ready to FLY!

It’s been a little quiet on the old Arbolog these days, primarily because I’ve been so busy for work! This is a great feeling but I will be very pleased to tune out for a while from work responsibilities and head off to Maui for 8 glorious days. We leave in just less than 2 weeks and I am starting to feel very excited. We bought appropriate luggage this weekend which makes me feel more adult than a mortgage, a car, and a preschooler combined. NO MORE BACKPACK! My GOD! Here is me with the 50lb pack on the West Coast Trail in 2001:

Typical "travel" for me in the earlier adult years

The travel bug never really bit me. I always prefer to be close to home and the perfect vacation for me is camping close by. I’ll probably be singing another tune when we return from Kihei where it is currently 21°C and sunny – “OH MY GOD LET’S BOOK ANOTHER VACATION THIS INSTANT!”- but in 37 years it’s just never been my priority to travel to foreign destinations – there is just so much to see and do here in BC the northwest part of North America.

I made it! Vista # 10 at the Diez Vista Trail at Buntzen Lake (click for link to more info)

I’m currently accepting travel advice. While I have no real fears of Kale having a meltdown on the plane (he’s easy to placate and has flown before), it’s the longest flight both he and I have taken at 5.5 hours. Share your best “packing light” tips, or your tried and true “vacationing with preschoolers” in the comments.

As a reward, I give you a 2 minute concertina of “Green and Speckled Frogs” by Master Kale Arbo:

Green and Speckled Frogs from Jen Arbo on Vimeo.

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  1. Yay for travel! I love packing for trips almost as much as the holiday itself. Here’s a few things I do:

    *bring empty water bottles (they let you go through security at the airport) then fill them up with the water fountains on the other side. I will not pay $3.50 for water!
    *Always book your seats in advance and check in online (less chance of getting bumped if your flight is full)
    *Have fun!

  2. Yay for grown up luggage! and a vote of confidence for the water bottles. I usually take one of those little square-ish ones for the Wee Guy so I can pour whatever juice beverage is on offer inflight – he can then drink at his leisure without fear of spillage (take spare clothing, you and him).

    My other flying tip is a small bag of never-been-seen-before small toys (Value Village is great for this), to be produced at stressful times or regularly throughout the flight. Make sure you have something to ease the boredom pre-boarding after check-in (I always forget, and this can be a really tedious time).

    Finally – travelling with an iPod? avoid meltdowns and power outages by taking a fully charged USB recharger with you, and a USB mains adapter (the ZAGG Sparq is both).

    bon voyage!

  3. I do the empty water bottle thing too. Took me a few trips to realize that it’s OK to bring fresh fruit thru security. Probably lots of other food too, so no need to be shy with kid snacks. (If this is obvious, please shoot me now.)

    On packing light: Lay out coordinated outfits at least 24 hours before leaving. Choose hoodies/sweaters that can go with several tops. Resist the urge to add things at the last minute: “Omg, I really want to wear that top/skirt on this trip even though it is only good for one occasion and requires a special sweater to go with it.”

    Side note: As a passenger sans children, I like when parents do the walk around with their kids. Go after the hostess has finished the garbage sweep after a snack/meal. I’d way rather have a chat with a little guy than have to listen to their fussing three rows back.

  4. Having only flown alone or with a 10 month old I have no tips, other than have you considered a portable DVD player? Ours saved our BUTTOCKS when we did our massive road trip.

    Also, yes, the bag of random toys.

    I will listen intently for the debrief, in advance of our airplane ride later this year.

    But OMG HAWAII. I am so jealous. Have always wanted to go there!

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