Picture Tuesday

Things are well here at Chez Arbo. Work is gangbusters and we’re busy busy busy little beavers in the basement, and we’ve become more serious about our hunt for a new-to-us vehicle now that the nicer weather is approaching and we’re thinking about breaking out the trailer. I honestly haven’t had much to say these days so the Arbolog has unintentionally gone a little too quiet.

I’m going to try and post pictures from our week on Tuesdays. I snap a lot of pictures with my iPhone and they seem to be a visual representation of what we’re up to more so than me finding time to write. I picked Tuesday because that’s what today is and it seems like a good day to do this – without the busy-ness of Mondays but without the slackery of Fridays.

Without further ado:

Kale and I have been curating a "stick pile" at the park for about a year. It's a collection of "neat" sticks we have found. It started as a way to convince him not to bring home every stick he saw. Now we "visit" the stick pile and it has sprouted a secondary one a few hundred feet away.
Last week our chickens impressed us. One day, two chickens, three eggs, four yolks!
Taken at the farmers market Saturday April 7, this is the view from the boardwalk at River Market in New Westminster.
This pair of ducks hung out while I ate my lunch. They were very chill.
This past Saturday was my final winter market. Although I'm still involved with the farmers market for some of this summer, this was my last winter market and it was somewhat bittersweet. One of my lovely vendors gave me a bouquet of flowers, as did the venue staff!


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