Picture Tuesday # 2

Somehow, I missed last week. Where does my time go?

Well, for one, I spent about 10 hours on the phone with tech support getting a replacement printer. It is so freaking huge it’s just nuts. But this one works properly, and well. HP satisfied me as a customer with their response to the horrible printer that required replacement 3 times and eventually was replaced with a different model.

I also spent a bit of time this past few weeks in sandals. Ah, yes, the nice weather has returned! I’m looking forward to cultivating my hippie birkenstock sandal tan early this year.

Kale also drew me a real picture. This one is two flowers. He ran out of room when he was signing it, which is why the E is on the other end.

We attended a birthday party on a Monday, that involved some very serious Jenga and some very serious beers.

Our solomon’s seal is growing vigourously. We have a little section of our garden that is in a rather shady spot. When I have time, I like to google “shade loving dry plants” and dream about what I can plant with it.

And I went for a walk last night, with some girlfriends, and was treated to this:

10 years ago

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  1. What a beautiful sunset. and you aren’t when you say huge. My goodness that’s the same size as mine at work. Is it black and white or color?

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