Backyard Work

No picture Tuesday last week or this. We were on the Island last week (yay for vacations) and took lots of photos at a wedding, but it’s not my place to post those online. There are some good photos of Mr. Pants frolicking, and I’m trying to figure out whose camera they are on and will post when I have them. We have however, been busy with backyard preparations and more home renovations, because HEY when you are trying to be frugal that is exactly the type of thing you should jump into.

Remember all that ugliness that came with the sewer problems last year? We had to destroy the back walkway to get at the problem, and there it has sat all winter.

Two weeks ago, Ross and a coworker’s partner built this lovely form!

This is the formwork for the back step and walkway.

Then we paid a ridiculous sum of money to have a company come and pump it full of concrete. It was still cheaper (time and money wise combined) to do that than to rent a cement mixer, get all the materials needed to mix cement, and shovel/wheelbarrow it in ourselves. Here is what it looks like now!


We also decided to create a concrete pad on one of the slope-ier parts of the backyard, and to make it the permanent home of the barbeque and picnic table.

Before: picnic area

And here is the “after”. This allows the table and barbeque to use an area of the yard that didn’t really get used because of the slope and general squashiness, freeing up the more level, sunnier, and drier part of the yard. I have some awesome patio lights I’ll be adding when I find them from the depths of the basement.


The backyard is really starting to feel like what I imagined. Chickens, laundry line, a place to entertain, and grass.

Blissy blissness

Now we just need to finish up the mess that is the path that connects the backyard with the walkway / step and we are DONE. This is going to be levelled and well, generally made less awful.



9 years ago