What We’re Up To

I’m struggling with what to do with this blog. I have less and less time for it and get less and less enjoyment out of it. I feel the least alone in my entire life now – I have a really fantastic circle of friends and feel so supported and cared for in real life that it’s hard to pour my heart out into a blog anymore because by the time I find some time for it, I’ve already talked through my problems with a friend and feel back to awesome again.

I’m feeling differently about blogs too, now that my bill paying job is about social media and engaging with your audience online. I feel like the Arbolog lacks a purpose – the original purpose was to keep our family posted about the exponential growth of Mr. Pants, and now, here we are – he’s a week shy of four and the milestones aren’t so obvious. There is no more “HE SAT UP!” or “HE HAS A TOOTH”. The milestones we have with Kale are more subtle – they are more like “I think Kale is developing a friendship with this young boy at preschool that is a great kid and I hope this friendship sticks around” and “Kale and his BFF haven’t seen each other much lately but I am sure glad to see them get along so famously when we do”. So, it’s harder to put my finger on what’s going through my mind when I blog.

So here we are, and while I struggle and decide if it’s time to hang up the hat or perhaps shift to a more portable, visual, Tumblr type of blog I can update on the fly with shorter and more succinct posts, I thought I’d dust off the old update hat and jot down some notes.

  • Next Sunday Kale turns four. We’ve planned a super awesome birthday party that includes a trip to a small scale steam train, rides for his friends and our friends Kale adores and picnic-y food. We’ve been experiencing horrid weather here this season, so I’m hoping that it’s at least not horrible. I feel sad that “not horrible” is passable this summer.
  • We had a brilliant backyard Canada Day BBQ yesterday with many friends and far too much food, and I thought I was going to die of laughter playing Cards Against Humanity.
  • The market and I are almost done our relationship. Last week I left for 3.5 hours in the middle of the market, went to a coworking space, and did 2 billable hours of work for our business. It was lovely to not be at the market on a Thursday. I would estimate I am no longer required on site by the end of July and can likely just act as an advisor for the remainder of the summer.
  • We’ve been working in the basement a whole tonne. Drywall is done, and we’re now priming it for paint. We scrubbed the floors and are still struggling with what to do with it. Clear epoxy and area rugs may be the route we choose for now. Today I have mudded and taped for the first time (there is a section of drywall that was leftover from the previous owner that we neglected to ask the drywaller to do) and I also mixed cement and am filling in a little collar around the rock. Things I did not know would be portable skills: the same skills I use to mix and pour and ice a cake are totally useful in drywall and cement applications. Seriously. Our next steps in the basement are finally getting to the point I like – decoration and USING IT.
Kale has been especially helpful painting in the basement. 🙂


9 years ago