Safari: Lonsdale Quay

Way back when I first moved to Vancouver in 1994, I worked at a vitamin shop in North Vancouver and to get to it I took the Seabus every morning and hiked up the hill to the store. I spent a lot of time on my lunch breaks at Lonsdale Quay and was somewhat burnt out by the whole place. So, I haven’t been in ages.

Today I wanted to find something for Kale and I do to prevent him sitting in front of the TV for too long and me being annoyed, so I proposed we go on a safari. I present to you: Lonsdale Quay: A Pictorial Safari.

Sitting on the stoop at home, heading out for our safari.


Waiting at the train
“I’m on the Skytrain!”
Like mother, like son. Short legs = fits nicely in the end seat of the train.
The end of the train.
Escalator to the Seabus!
Beautiful day for a cruise.
Checking things out.
Having a picnic outside the Quay. Not sure why he looks sad.
Toy stores with these signs every three feet need to understand: YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.
But then there is a ballroom.
Blurry photo of Kale’s new train, Rosie.
Ah, Seabus.
Only has eyes for Rosie.
Canada Place.
We went here!
On the Skytrain home, starting to fade.
We came home to this! A gift from a neighbour. You should ask Kale what the rules are – he has some very interesting interpretations.
9 years ago


    1. There may have also been some ice cream, that I did not photograph because it was melting too fast! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Hey do you remember that time Jenna and I came over, she was about 4.. we rode the skytrain over the bridge and back, and she got to hold the ticket, and thought it was the BEST time EVER. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yeah.. good times. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jen – what a great adventure. When the girls were little that was our favourite place to go. I liked it because I could get my coffee fix from Second Cup as I arrived from Ontario not knowing who the heck Starbucks was and feeling like I was in some weird commercial on tv because I didn’t understand the lingo there.I think the girls probably had their first sushi at Lonsdale too – Yazi for sure. It was a sad day when they were told they were too big for the ballroom. Our other favourite place – again because of a kids play area and access to french fries that could be fed to the birds if we couldn’t eat them all – was Granville Island. The kite shop and the toy shop there always fascinated the girls – not sure if the kite shop is still there or not.We really need to help River Market with their play area sooner rather than later…

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