Kale turns four

Today Kale is four.

It is as hot today as it was the day he was born.  It was just over 22°C when he was born, and it is 23°C as I write this. Today we had a party for Kale. It was the first party that we let him choose friends to invite, and he selected a number of his preschool friends in addition to his BFF Bonnie and other good “non-school” friends.

We went to Confederation Park, in Burnaby, and everyone got at least one train ride. I made PB&J sandwiches, egg sandwiches, and we brought an assortment of veggies, fruit, and chips. I had planned to bake cupcakes but, see also: 22°C. So instead, we ordered them from the grocery store and picked them up along with the ice – easy peasy.

Some photos, and then the mushy letter to my son about growing up etc:

Ah, Kale. So, you’re four now. Well. Here we are. I’m surprised to have made it this far. Many days I think I am going to lose my mind being home with you but I’ve learned that right when I think I can’t handle it anymore, you do something so amazing that everything is easy again. You are the reset button in my life, kid. When all is crappy and troubled, you do something that makes the world a truly fantastic place.

You’re fun now – we seem to have finished up with Whatever Crappy Phase That Was # 412 and are now rocking out with Super Fun Preschooler Times # 2. Here are your favourite things right now, according to you (note – this list will change in about 5 minutes):

  • Thomas the Train
  • the chickens
  • playing games
  • reading books
  • being normal [what the? I don’t even know what this means?]

You’re a great helper, exceedingly polite, and you work hard to do as we ask. You’re very logical and you like rules. Sometimes, you like being the one that knows the rules, so that you can shove them in someone’s face and try and control them. I’m not such a fan of that behaviour, but I get it that you’re learning about the world so I try really hard not to bark at you too much when you do this.

It’s charming when you come in to the kitchen to tell us “I have to tell you something,” and then you ‘fess up to whatever crime you’ve committed. You have no guile.

You are still a huggy-kissy boy and I hope you never grow out of that. I’m not naturally huggy and kissy myself, and sometimes what you do rubs off on me so I’m glad to be learning affection from you. You give yourself completely – you throw yourself into hugs and you always seek kisses after a hug from people, even if you’ve just met them.

This summer we are going camping once or twice in our new tent trailer and you are so thrilled to be doing so. You’re a champion at sleepovers now, and you spent 5 days with your Gran recently with zero incidences. I’m proud of the independent and respectful kid we’ve raised.

We just signed you up for karate. You like it but you were so nervous to start. You tell me that your goals now that you are four are:

  1. to ride a bike
  2. to tie your own shoes
  3. to wipe your own bum

It’s good to have goals, Kale. These goals charm the pants off me – you have no idea how much.

I love you, little man. Happy birthday.

Four. (this photo is part of a continuing series of pictures – click the picture to view the whole slideshow on Flickr. It’s pretty amazing to see how he has changed since birth. And me too! (Wow, my hair went grey between 9 months and one year)

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