What I’m Into These Days

Mad Men: I’ve been getting really into Mad Men these days. We have Netflix and so I’ve been watching starting from the beginning, and I find when I have spare time I’m likely to watch an episode or two. I’m really enjoying it. I watched a few episodes of Mad Men back in the beginning, but we never had the right channels so it was always a challenge.

Planning for Christmas: I know, right? But yeah, I’m starting to work on ideas for Christmas gifts for my family and I think I’ve got most everyone figured out. Each year I try hard to come up with something handmade to give to everyone and I’m feeling rather smug because I more or less have come up with something. Now, to find the time to put it all into action. See, that’s where things kind of fall apart for me – I have great plans and don’t act on them and then in November start scrambling and say “forget it” and go shopping.

Planning for Camping: We have two trips coming up – one to Golden Ears for a quick overnighter with friends and one in September which has quickly become an annual trip with 10 families. I’m a teensy bit nervous because the one in August to Golden Ears has ME pulling the trailer (which I’ve done before but it’s been a LONG time and I am out of practice) while Ross rides his bike to the site. I’m also excited that we FINALLY are going to be getting out and using the trailer.

Landscaping: GROW, SEED. GROW! We finally finished off the landscaping that connects the back door and back gate with our actual yard. Ross actually made these stepping stones using some of the leftover concrete we had to have trucked in to replace the walk at the back that was smashed up during the whole “Sewer Main Crumpling Winter 2012” debacle. We levelled off the area (it was prone to getting muddy and gross) and have added in the seed. Now, we keep it wet and wait. Grow, grow, grow.

Basement: Well, we are more or less at a point of doneness where the basement is finally useful. It has white, clean, smooth walls, and a scrubbed floor. I picked up two plushy rugs from Canadian Tire the other day and we bought a couch off some friends who were redecorating. Still needed: a framed and drywalled wall to separate the bike room from the spare room, new light fixtures all around, bike rack or hooks in the bike room, a queen sized spare bed that is at least 16 inches high to fit over the rock (we have a sofa bed but its only a double), concrete floor paint, base trim, window cases, wiring for the TV and stereo, artwork, and probably one more rug. But – it’s useable, it’s clean, and it’s organized. We’re taking a break from basement renos for now – we need to recover a bit financially since we still haven’t sold the Mazda. But seriously! A basement! We can use!


9 years ago