Summer Days

I would have used a picture from fig picking this summer but the crop is not as beautiful. So, I am totally cheating and including an image from summer 2011.

Next week Kale returns to preschool. He attends Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 11:30 from September to May. They seem to have at least one professional development day per month, if not more. But I can handle those because they are single days, usually appended to a weekend.

Right now, I can’t wait for Kale to go back to school. Seriously. I am DYING here.

I am pretty much done with this whole summer break. This summer, Kale has watched far too much television and has been barked at far too much. He has hit the ceiling for level of annoyance tolerated and I am just all out of patience.

Kale is a great kid and I enjoy spending time with him, but we are both going stir crazy. I don’t know how my mom did this all those years. I seriously spend most of my days trying to think up distractions that will keep Kale out of my hair, like craft projects that will take up his entire day, or give him chores to do that have him working on the other side of the room. As well. I would say I pay attention to about 70% of what he chatters about. This kind of bugs me, as I work hard to talk with Kale like a “real” person.

We did learn one fun thing this summer – Kale LOVES karate. I signed him up on a whim for lessons in July and August and he LOVES it. Like, a whole bunch. So now we will swallow $78 per month for lessons. I like how the Sensei handles Kale and talks with him and am pleased to see Kale be so interested in it. So, there’s that.

But yeah. Seven days, guys. Seven.

Also (and this is from out of nowhere in this post, I know) one of our chickens has scaly leg mites and I get to slather vaseline on her legs tonight.


9 years ago

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  1. I totally understand. I’m SO ready for school to start too and Moira is only going two mornings a week. Me, in my infinite wisdom, decided she had the rest of her life to be in school and should use this last year to play with her little sister. Obviously I’ve been reading too many Waldorfy mama blogs and am probably going to regret this. Although really, what is 2 days compared to 3 when Fionnuala is now two years old and is a totally pain in the butt and has a full-scale meltdown every day at 10 a.m. and will probably do this every time we drop Moira off at school. I am very happy about the rhythm it is going to bring back into our lives and hoping it will have a much more calming effect than this past summer has had.

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