Alarm Clocks & Starting School

I wrote this in July, and then never published it. After a quick edit, here it is. 

In July, Kale went to daycare two days a week. Although in a different building, it is run by the same lovely people that owned and operated his preschool that recently ended, and so there are familiar faces. He resents “afternoon school” (so called because while preschool was going this past few months, he would go to the daycare three afternoons a week so I could work) because it cuts into his time with me (mostly) and various electronic devices that he loves such as the TV, my iPad, and his iPod.

The struggle we have is that Kale, who is a good sleeper at this point in his life, is not a good waker-upper. While he will naturally rise between 7 and 8:30 most days, he must be up a bit earlier now that he attends daycare, because Ross has to drop him off there (I can’t walk to it) on his way to work. And so, the routine has become a bit tedious; one of us opens his door hoping the ambient noise of morning-making will wake him up, then one of us will creep into his room and softly tell him it is time to get up, and then one of us will likely rub his back or stroke his face….

I will just stop here and say I really hate it when people wake me up like this, but it seems to work for him.

But he’s a terribly slow eater and morning person. While cheery and happy, he likes to take his time. So, we decided to get him an alarm clock. He wanted one, and according to some show he watched, all alarm clocks should look like this:

Twin bell alarm clock with glowy face, available at your local Ikea for a mere $8.
Twin bell alarm clock with glowy face, available at your local Ikea for a mere $8.

But here’s the thing his show didn’t tell him: twin bell alarm clocks are HORRIFIC to wake up to. They are loud loud loud loud and have no snooze feature. Yeah. So. This morning, on the inaugural run of the alarm clock, I heard it going off two rooms over, and ran into his room, and there was Kale, screeching “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” from his bed with his hands over his ears. “Too loud!”

Yes, dude. Too loud, indeed.

The twin bell $10 alarm clock from Ikea will be a pleasant little bedside clock in our “guest bedroom” that may or may not ever actually get finished in the basement. Kale and I went on an outing and checked out Target in Coquitlam, and we found a little glowing orb, that changes through 5 different colours, and has a relatively pleasant alarm. It also has a snooze alarm, which you actuate by tapping the thing on the top. Kale is IN LOVE with his new alarm clock, and today we used it with much success. He was actually kind of excited to be able to turn it off himself.

Colour changing round orb thing.
Colour changing round orb thing.

Now that grade school is starting for him, this alarm clock will be a routine. Each night, we will set it and each morning it will go off. He wakes up really well to this clock – cheerful and fuzzy-headed but comes scampering out of his room ready to start the day. This week, Kale goes to school for one hour tomorrow, two hours Tuesday, three hours Wednesday, and four hours Thursday and Friday before starting next Monday with a full day at his school. (This is all part of “gradual entry” designed to make the process easier for everyone except the parents).

Here’s the obligatory first day of school shot, taken last Wednesday when he attended for 20 minutes. Good luck Mr. Pants. School was a good place for me, and I hope you feel the same way.

The jury is out whether this is more Rocky or Mary Tyler Moore.
The jury is out whether this is more Rocky or Mary Tyler Moore.
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  1. We did a similar thing with my 5 year old this past summer. We were having a hard time getting him to go to bed. We put a clock in his room and it became our BFF. He was able to recognize when it was getting close to bed time. Not sure why the other clocks in the house didn’t have that impact. But life became easier.

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