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Oh man Kale is all about learning right now. It is so fun! Holy cow, this is challenging in a way I had no idea I’d be challenged on, and I totally love it. Also: thank you Google and YouTube. Things Kale is especially into knowing this week but it will probably change in another week:

  • Birds, specifically how they are different: Why are crows black and seagulls white? Why are seagulls’ bills shaped that way? What do eagles sound like? Why are female ducks a different pattern than male ducks? Where do penguins live? What kind of food do chickadees like? Why can’t chickens fly well? We’ve spent a lot of time looking at the Lab of Ornithology’s YouTube channel.
  • Planets: Which one is fastest? How big they all are? How far away are they? What colour are they? Which ones have moons and which ones do not?
  • Time: What time is it? What time will it be when we do __? How long will that take? What day is it? What day comes next?
  • Letters and Numbers: writing and words, reading and hearing sounds. How numbers are written, what they mean and simple math.

Last night at dinner Kale noticed some coins I had rolled up on the corner of the table. We talked about how heavy they were, and I encouraged him to guess which one was the heaviest. I asked him if he thought it was heavier than his napkin. We talked about it for a while, and then I suggested after dinner we conduct an experiment to test. So after we cleared the dishes and pulled out the kitchen scale, we talked about his hypothesis. He believed it would be the orange roll of coins (the quarters) and then he weighed them all and wrote it in his notebook.

Weighing the quarters.
Weighing the quarters.

We determined that Kale was right! The quarters were the heaviest roll of coins. Next we wondered if the stack of napkins from the drawer was heavier than coins. We counted out twenty napkins, and weighed them, and then weighed all the coins. We wrote it all into his notebook.

Weighing all the coins.
Weighing all the coins.

So, what do you think was the heaviest?

Blue 164.6 (nickels) Green 91.3 (dimes) Orange 181.4 (quarters) Coins 691.3 Napkins 821.4
Blue 164.6 (nickels)
Green 91.3 (dimes)
Orange 181.4 (quarters)
Coins 691.3
Napkins 821.4

Here’s a movie of Kale discussing what we did:

Kale explains our experiment from Jen Arbo on Vimeo.

8 years ago