I’m not ashamed to say I take a lot of selfies or usies with Kale or Ross or friends. My Instagram feed has as least one or so every week, and while I often take one or two, maybe delete one, and add some filters, I also take selfies even with a ponytail, even with a banana clip, even with my hair a mess and a zit on my chin.

I like selfies because they can capture a mood or a moment, they remind me of some fun we were having, or a day I will soon forget but wish to be reminded of. I don’t think they are narcissistic or vain. I take pictures because I want that *click* moment, and I happen to keep all my pictures online.  You guys remember we used to take a lot of pictures, right? But all we’d do was get the film developed, print the pictures, and put them in an album. Now we just feed them straight to our online albums. That’s not vanity, that’s technology.

Have you guys read The Mom Stays in the Picture? It is a lovely post from 2012 by writer Alison Tate on the Huffington Post, and it went way way WAY viral. I identified with her post quite a bit when I read it, a slightly frazzles parent of a four year old, ashamed of my post baby body, unsure about so much.

The response to the post is what prompted me to make a point of not worrying so much about taking a photo and Kale and I and after a few months, I felt comfortable taking pictures of myself again.

Now it’s an idle, fun, harmless and routine capture of my life. I’m okay with that.

7 years ago

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  1. I also think selfies a are fine – they’re a great way to capture a moment, explore self and keep a record. Yet they are also open to ridicule – personally mostly from family members who sling the narcissistic tag. As an older mum, selfies have allowed me to cope with ageing and parenting, two great life changes all rolled into one right now.

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