Summer’s Here, Lice, and Keeping Busy

Summer time here in the city has begun in earnest. It’s hot, dry, and those little heat waves rise above the pavement when we’re out to-ing and fro-ing. Phew! I love it. And hate it.

Kale is having a hard time staying engaged at school and also coming to terms with the end of the school year because he doesn’t want it to end. Last year school ended abruptly with the whole “job action” thing, and while Kale doesn’t seem to remember not really having some sort of year end shenanigans, this year the school has things planned to mark the end of the year. Most days he reminds me that he would prefer for school to be all year.


This kid, holy crap.

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So, what else is new around here? Oh! We had lice for the first time. In fact, we’re still in that “checking every freaking day omg is that a nit or is that dirt” stage. Good times. If you have not experienced this as a parent, well, well, you are in for a treat when it happens!

Kale, bless his little heart, is infinitely patient while we comb out his hair daily and now of course I am mega paranoid about finding more. I suppose that having had lice has been good – I am now a Google-certified expert on what to look for, how big (or tiny, as the case may be) they are, and what all the latest trends are in treatment options.

For the record, we are using a thick conditioner and doing daily comb outs with a lice comb. I am not comfortable with using the chemicals on his head. I have also learned how people still have quite the preconceived notions about what having lice means about the person with critters growing/living on their head.

Anyway, PRO TIP: if your kid has graduated to combing their own hair, please do continue to do weekly checks because lice are the gift that keep on giving for the younger set, let me tell you.

(For some real, non-alarmist “how to deal with lice” strategies, I found some of the best info on Lice 911, a professional lice removal company based here in the Lower Mainland. Although I didn’t use their services, they do have some good info, videos, and tips on their site.)

I have also been keeping myself busy in ways that don’t involve tiny combs and tiny critters and vanilla-coconut conditioner. Work is a bit slower than it has been in past months which means I have had a chance to work on projects for the non-profits I like to involve myself in,  as well as picking up the keyboard again to write on behalf of Tenth to the Fraser. Plus, I’ve got two posts on the go here at the Arbolog, both food related, both in need of some pictures. We are also preparing for some construction work in the basement (yay walls! yay closets! yay less furnace noise!) so while my paying gig might not be raining in mad cheddar, there is lots on the go.

What do you have planned for the summer? We’ve got an Arbo Family Reunion coming up, and we’re headed off to Golden Ears for camping. As well, we’ve got a wine touring weekend planned with friends to the Okanagan, and there’s good old Hicks on our schedule.

Things are good, friends. Things are good. Lice and all.


6 years ago