I have some exciting – albeit slightly terrifying – news to share. I am very proud to announce that I have been selected for inclusion in BIG: Stories about Life in Plus-Sized Bodies, an anthology from Caitlin Press edited by Christina Myers.

My piece is called Encircled, and it’s about belts and how shitty they are. And also a bit about shame and wisdom… you know… minor stuff to sink your teeth into.

I am absolutely thrilled to have had my piece selected. All the fear, all the self-doubt, all the work I didn’t submit and all the work I started and hated. Vapourized – poof! Acceptance is a heck of a drug. Let’s see how long I can ride this delicious wave.

The call for submissions was out for weeks before I finally got up the nerve to start drafting what would become my first submission to anything since Kale was born that I didn’t own, get paid for in a professional capacity, or control the content completely. This past decade I have literally built platforms to write online (like this old neglected blog) and some of what I’ve written has even made it into print, but the catch has always been that I have 100% been in control of whether I let the words be visible and what those words were.

Encircled was so frightening to write and submit and I am over the moon that I have been selected to stand alongside 25 other writers I admire and respect with an editor I consider a friend.

BIG: Stories About Life in Plus-Sized Bodies comes out in early 2020 and I’ll keep you posted when I get a firm date and if any other details materialize.

3 years ago