About Us

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Hi! I’m Jen Arbo. I live in New Westminster, which is a city in the Metro Vancouver region in British Columbia, Canada. I blog about parenting, living simply, being 41, food, camping, urban farming, and random stuff I can’t keep to myself.

I’m married to an awesome guy named Ross, and we have a pretty amazing seven year old named Kale. We have an Aussie Shepherd named Nugget, a floofy orange cat named Tiger as well as two backyard chickens, Noodle (a silver laced Wyandotte) and Worm, (a Polish).

We are pretty simple people with happy and fulfilling lives and we strive to face each day of our lives with humour, patience, and simplicity, and while we don’t always succeed, we are glad knowing that for every crappy day, there are a thousand amazing moments to make up for it.

I get told all the time that people can’t find a way to contact me on this blog, so, you can email me at jen arbo at gmail dot com.  I’m pretty selective about sponsored blogging, but send me a note if you have something you think is perfect for me.

A note about frequency: My blogging has tapered off a lot in the past few years – my family comes first but I’m also self-employed, spend a lot of time on Twitter, and like to post pictures to Instagram. I don’t want to blog for the sake of blogging, and so frequently, many weeks go by without a post from me. I have been blogging since about 1999 in a variety of forms; first, anonymously on Diaryland (HA HA HA) and eventually owning a few personal (and anonymous) WordPress based blogs. When Ross and I married, The Arbolog was born because, hey, that’s my last name.

A note about images: Some of the pictures from very old posts have gone MIA. I’m sorry about that. I did a photo storage switch a few years ago and it went boom, even though it was supposed to be seamless. When I can, I re-upload them and replace them, but the process is onerous and makes me itchy and if you are looking at my posts that old, just drop me a note and let’s go out for tea!

Updated January 1, 2016.