Safe As Houses

When you’re broken into, everything changes. More than you realize.

7 years ago
Graphic showing the difference in egg laying hens conditions.

Cost of Keeping Chickens

I saw this graphic pop up on Facebook this morning, and thought I’d share it here:   We get asked…

8 years ago

What I’m Into These Days

Mad Men: I’ve been getting really into Mad Men these days. We have Netflix and so I’ve been watching starting…

8 years ago

Urban Homesteader Problems

We have another broody chicken. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but about a month ago, Noodle became broody.…

8 years ago

What We’re Up To

I’m struggling with what to do with this blog. I have less and less time for it and get less…

8 years ago

Backyard Work

No picture Tuesday last week or this. We were on the Island last week (yay for vacations) and took lots…

8 years ago
Photo by Justus Hayes, used under Creative Commons license

The Conundrum of Non-Profits

  Today the Vancouver Playhouse announced it was closing down after Saturday’s show because they simply couldn’t afford to keep…

8 years ago