Family Food Rules Chez Arbo

In a land of picky eating, I get asked a lot about how we manage food at our house. Here are my main food rules.

7 years ago

Rosemary Jelly

It was a truly productive weekend last weekend. I made two batches of jelly; rosemary jelly (which I’m sharing today) and lemon mint jelly.

9 years ago

Apricot Logs

One of my favourite treats from the bulk section of the grocery store are apricot logs. These are little tubes…

9 years ago

Belgian Waffle Cookies: Lukken

Like a richer, buttery-er, heftier version of a pizzelle, lukkens are a traditional Belgian waffle cookie usually made on a lukken press or lukken iron (Lukijyer).

9 years ago

Turkey Enchiladas

How was your Christmas, friends? We ate a giant smoked turkey with barley stuffing, maple roasted acorn squash, mashed potatoes,…

10 years ago
This is a photo of granola on yogurt. Delicious!


I’ve not really ever been a granola fan. I find it too sweet and yet not sweet enough, bland, and…

10 years ago


Photo by Bill Walsh This isn’t a debate about vegetarianism versus omnivorism. I recently decided we, as a family, eat…

11 years ago

Using Up Cilantro

Cilantro is a love it or hate it kind of fresh herb. I personally adore it. It’s common in a…

11 years ago

Eggnog from Scratch

My brother doesn’t like eggs and won’t eat them scrambled or fried or in an omelette. He makes exceptions for…

11 years ago