Memory is Funny

A lovely friend of mine just had her baby a few weeks ago. He’s adorable and warm and pink, and…

6 years ago

Boys’ Clothes

Someone in my newsfeed on Facebook (Michelle, was that you?) shared this article – The Importance of Buying Normal Clothes…

6 years ago

Big Topics: Religion

I posted this on Facebook a few weeks ago, but  I’ve been thinking about since it happened. Kale and I…

6 years ago

Camping Round Up 2013

Here’s a roundup of the campsites we went to this summer on quick weekend jaunts, suitable for families and within a few hours of the Lower Mainland.

6 years ago


My annual letter to my kid on the anniversary of his arrival into this world.

6 years ago

Kicking Off Camping

Kicking off the season of camping with some notes on the places we’ve already hit this year and ideas on camping with kids.

6 years ago

Safe As Houses

When you’re broken into, everything changes. More than you realize.

7 years ago