Building One Step at a Time

I recently had the good fortune to have my front steps rebuilt by a good friend. Here’s how that went down.

10 months ago

Oat Fudge Bars

Updated June 2019 This recipe is one of my most requested and popular. I found it online back in 2009…

10 years ago

Kindness To Myself

Those of you who have been reading for a few years know that I have long enjoyed volunteering for causes.…

3 months ago


A Medical Vignette There are four of us here, in the second waiting room of breast imaging. You can tell…

9 months ago


On burning out and re-evaluating.

10 months ago

Change Agent

Everything works until it doesn’t.

11 months ago

The Meaning of Kale

Friday, Kale turned 8. Normally I am really good about posting these annual letters to him on the right day (and I’m…

3 years ago

One Plus Ten

Dear Mooki; A year ago today we gathered around you and snuffled your fur and stroked your velvet soft ears…

3 years ago