Where did it all go?

I recently decided to take my blog posts offline, with the exception of the recipes (for now). While my writing has been very sporadic this past few years, there are literally hundreds of posts on this website spanning more than 15 years. This past few years of living through a pandemic has made me withdraw. The general discourse online has made me withdraw. Aging has made me withdraw.

I’m still around, you can still find me online in all the places. But, recently I started feeling like my years and years and absolute years of writing didn’t reflect me and my family the way I wanted, and as my now-teenager ages, I felt like I could compromise his privacy. To be fair, most of my writing has focused on my personal journey as a parent, and I have no regret. I’ve never shied away from using our real names, and as my child finds his way into the world, what he shares about himself is up to him.

I’m not a fool – the internet is forever and you can easily find a cache – but I get to control the access I give you (the general “you”, not *you* specifically) to my writing.