Scaling Back When I Have To

I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming. Or maybe I did but didn’t want to admit it. I can’t do it all.

4 years ago

Am I Remarkable?

Defining success as a parent and as a person. What is remarkable?

4 years ago

The Tank is Empty

It is day one of Spring Break and I’m already pretty much done with “Mom I want to tell you…

4 years ago

Family Food Rules Chez Arbo

In a land of picky eating, I get asked a lot about how we manage food at our house. Here are my main food rules.

4 years ago

Starting Car Camping – Part One: Gear

Part one of a two part series on getting started as a car-camping family. In this post, I look as the essential gear and where you should spend and where you can scrimp.

4 years ago

Gender Appropriate Toys

How a set of green rubber Rainbow Loom cat ears prompted me to examine my own perceptions about gendered toys, and wonder how those impact my son.

4 years ago


Why I don’t care if me taking selfies bugs you.

5 years ago