Zucchini and Rice Gratin

This one is so so so so so yummy and I will make this over and over again. What a wonderful way to use up zucchini which seemed to be coming out of the woodwork for everyone I knew a few weeks ago. This is not my recipe and is again an adaptation of Smitten Kitchen’s recipe. She adapted it from Ina Garten’s recipe (same as the Mushroom Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce one I posted earlier).

I followed her recipe almost exactly with two exceptions: I used whole wheat flour rather than all purpose, and I found it really salty and would adjust the next time. Rather than post the full ingredients and method list like I normally do, I am going to simply link to hers, and suggest that you take her advice about rinsing the zucchini after you’ve let it drain to reduce the salty taste.

We served it with fresh side stripe prawns (OMG YUM) and had leftovers for a day.

Two photos for this one: